Objectives and goals

  1. Fault tolerance

    The main task was to provide fault tolerance and the ability to cope with high loads without slowing down page loading.

  2. New platform

    The platform and the program code of the site must ensure rapid implementation of new functionality without being tied to a specific developer.

  3. Adaptability

    Creating a mobile view - the scenarios for buying through a smartphone and a tablet are significantly different.

  4. Urgency

    High urgency of the project: no more than 4 months for everything


Project in numbers

Design and responsive design

The result is worth the effort


About the Company

Stroylandiya is one of the largest chain companies in the Russian market of building and finishing materials and household goods. For many years, it has been in the TOP 10 organizations in its industry. The DIY retailer offers products of well-known and proven brands, and also develops its own brands. The Company has several trade formats: hyper and supermarkets, specialized stores. The area of stores in different cities ranges from 1,500 to 10,000 sq. meters. 32 company's stores are located in 23 cities located in 4 federal districts of Russia and their number continues to grow.

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