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E-commerce develops fast. It wasn't long ago that major retailers sold their products to final users and worked with their dealership networks in person. Wholesale buyers would have to deal with managers by phone or email, receive individually compiled price lists and stock reports, and place orders using lists of articles that managers had to process manually. All the accompanying documentation, reconciliation reports, and clarifications on the available credit limits had to be requested from managers and would take a few days to be prepared. B2B automation for wholesalers was a logical evolution of online commerce.

A personal B2B account is a service that effectively addresses all these issues, as users now can get price and stock updates on the website, place and track their orders without assistance. Financial documentation is fully automated, and managers need not be involved.

The Company already had two websites: a promo website and a portal. The former was to inform its readers on the Company, its news, promotions, terms, and conditions of cooperation, and other information for potential customers. The latter served exclusively as an online store where people can place orders, check prices, and track their orders.

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About the Company

MasterWatt has been in the utilities equipment market for more than 17 years. The Company specializes in the wholesale of equipment for utilities. It picks, packages, delivers, installs, and configures equipment for industrial boilers. The Company also picks, designs the setup, and supplies water treatment equipment. Other services include installation and commissioning support. The Company is partnered with reputable manufacturers from Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, and Czechia.

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