A web-system for processing incoming cases at IEK GROUP

About the Company

IEK GROUP is Russia's premier vendor and manufacturer of IEK-branded lighting and electrical equipment, ONI-branded industrial automations, and ITK products for IT applications. IEK has been a reputable brand in Russia and CIS for more than 20 years.


  1. Create a case handling system for the first line of customer support

  2. Simplify administering of the service

  3. Automate processes so that staff members could work more productively


The company operates through an extensive network of distributors. Catalog on the website has over 9,000 items, yet the user is redirected to partners if they want to purchase something. This makes the entire checkout procedure confusing. To address this, the Company has a customer support service. Handling cases used to take hours: staff members would receive customer requests by email or phone calls, respond manually, and report everything in MS Excel spreadsheets.


  • Organize the collection, storage, and viewing of customer data and interaction history
  • Integrate with customer communication systems
  • Automate case handling
  • Automate interaction with related systems and subdivisions of the Company
  • Simplify customer search in the database
  • Configure reminders and notifications
  • Set up a one-stop shop for customer-manager interactions


To speed up and facilitate the process, our experts:
  • automated the handling of incoming cases and made an intrasystem algorithm based on 1C-Bitrix24: Corporate Portal;
  • developed custom scripts and extensions for business processes;
  • converged rating systems of different communication channels into a single five-point scale;
  • developed a process for importing case categories (with up to 4 sublevels) from XLSX files;
  • redesigned the portal to have the functions operators need the most (removed unnecessary sections and configured user groups);
  • implemented additional customer support channels using the embedded CSC (Telegram and online chat);
  • configured automated mailing of case status updates;
  • integrated the system with third-party solutions (Microsoft Dynamics 365, Helpdesk Intravision) to exchange customer databases and refer cases to appropriate specialists).

How does it work?

Integrations on the project

  • Bilateral integration with Helpdesk Intravision
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Telephony integration
  • Telegram integration
  • Integration with the chat on the website

Project outcomes

The Customer has already appreciated the outcomes. Managers now work in a one-stop shop and can quickly respond to customers. Case handling now takes less time, and backlog doesn't exist anymore.

This solution would be suitable for major companies and chains that have dedicated customer support.