Application for a non-state pension fund

About the Company

A major commercial bank

Business goals

  1. Create a mobile app that will serve as the point of access to NPF services

  2. Create an easy-to-use and readily available NPS service to attract more customers

  3. Communicate with the existing and potential customers to attract and retain them

  4. Create self-service functionality to take some workload off the NPF managers

Project objectives

  1. Design an intuitive and modern app based on the Company's brandbook

  2. Allow customers to transfer more funds to their NPS account and to get updates on such accounts

  3. Enable the users to sign NPS and MRP contracts

  4. Make NPF services readily available and easy to understand

  5. The mobile app must meet all the security and legal requirements applicable in Russia

  6. The app must be available on the majority of mobile devices and downloadable from App Store, Google Play, and HUAWEI AppGallery

*NPS stands for non-governmental pension security
*MRP stands for mandatory retirement plant
*NPF stands for non-state pension fund



Design was based on the Bank's similar products. Module interfaces follow a single style and use identical controls.

What can the app do?

When developing the NPF app, we kept in mind that it was intended to replace office visits, and thus the Fund customers should have access to all services and exhaustive data on accounts, deposits, transactions, and other events from the app. The Fund seeks not only to retain, but also to attract customers, and this is why the app has product demos that users can see without signing in.

Thus, the app developers elaborated two sections: one for signed-in users, and one for other users.

Without signing in, a user has access to:
  • General information about the Fund's products and services to make an NPS contract
  • Feedback
  • Contacts of the offices
  • FAQ
Signing in gives access to more functions:
  • View details of the effective MRP and NPS contracts
  • Order a summary of the selected contract
  • View and change personal data
  • Check application status
  • Pay a contribution and enable autofill
  • Check the transaction history by accounts

User interaction

Several blocks of information for customers were elaborated so that every customer could use NPF services regardless of their experience:

  • FAQ gives easy access to frequently asked questions
  • User can ask questions to NPF staff members
  • Error notifications implemented together with further instructions


Users already registered in the Personal Account service can use two-factor authentication: social security number and SMS passcode

Authentication process also supports biometry like fingerprint or FaceID depending on the device.

  • Services that use personal data face stringent security requirements, which is why 1C-Bitrix, a leading platform in terms of personal data security, was used for the backend API.
  • NPF customers' data is stored in data centers located in Russia.
  • Personal data and reports are stored outside the mobile app; servers do not cache data to prevent interception

Project outcomes

The app has:

  • Created more points of customer interaction
  • Took some workload off NPF managers
  • Enabled faster and better communication
  • Facilitated fund transfers to the savings accounts

All of this improved the loyalty of NPF customers. The first version of the app was launched on schedule and made available on the App Store, Google Play, and HUAWEI AppGallery.