JSC MMK Sales Manager App

About the Company

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works is one of the world's largest steel producers, and the company is also a leader among Russian ferrous metallurgy enterprises. This is a complex with a full production cycle: from the preparation of iron ore raw materials to the deep processing of ferrous metals.


Depending on the current workload-to-capacity ratio, sales plan, and budget metrics, an order can either be cost-effective or cost-ineffective for the enterprise within a specific calendar period. Managers need a tool to quickly calculate the costs with all necessary adjustments. They often must meet customers off-site and can't possibly have access to a desktop PC and the database.

To address this issue, we developed a mobile app that does all the calculations automatically in a matter of seconds. This is a convenient tool for configuring orders needed by the customer from the key stock entries in the ERP system; managers can use it to estimate the cost-effectiveness of orders.


  1. Automate order cost-effectiveness calculations

  2. Improve staff productivity by offering a novel and convenient service

  3. Faster and better customer service

  4. More profitable business thanks to excluding unprofitable deals


  • Develop an app interface and basis developed to accommodate a specific business process
  • Configure narrow-down filters suitable for the case-specific product categories
  • Integrate with the ERP system, the scheduler, and the company's reference database
  • Adapt the UI for use on iOS and Android devices


The app is designed to enable the user to correctly configure the order according to the customer needs in a few taps, to find out the margin on each transaction item, and to find out on the calendar whether the Company has the resources to complete the order within a specific timeframe.

The app also collects and visualizes all the data on customer relations and settlements. A manager can access an extensive database and calculation algorithms; all they need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

For instance, they can instantly see the amount of earlier ordered products currently in production or shipping, and find out whether the process is on schedule for delivery (i.e., the OTIF value for the customer and the current schedule). This helps the manager properly strategize their customer relations.

To calculate the parameters of a new transaction, the manager needs to type in the product type. The app is configured to return key stock entries from the ERP quickly; depending on the product, it will suggest the required stock and specific cost-affecting characteristics and then ask the manager to specify the details. For instance, steel grade needs to be specified if the customer wants to order wire rods; if that cannot be done, the app will suggest choosing the factory where the product will be made, and thus pick the applicable standards. This helps the manager quickly find the required item in the inventory.

Then the app will suggest calculating the transaction parameters. To that end, the user needs to pick the delivery month, the shipping rates, the currency, and then add VAT. Volume and suggested price per ton should be entered as well. The system will show whether such an order would be profitable, and calculate the optimal price. These calculation sheets are stored by the app so that the manager can revise them at any time.

Thus, the app does not simply use a product list; rather, it utilizes a service that configures a product from MMK's available lineups, calculates the costs, margin, delivery costs, and other metrics. It then compares these figures against the budget and the current order portfolio, and makes suggestions.


  • ERP system
  • Calendar scheduler
  • Reference database


Is this deal a steal or a dud? Now the manager only needs their phone and a couple of minutes to find out! The company already uses the app to make transactions on system-reported data. Cost-effectiveness calculations are fully automated to prevent unprofitable transactions and to improve CRM.