Service for selection and booking of river cruises

About the Company

Vodohod is a Russian shipping company, a river cruise operator, and a tour agency founded in 1999. The Company is a Top 3 company in the consolidated river cruise market of Russia

Aim of establishment

Vodohod is a project for the largest river cruise operator of the same name in Russia. The key goal of the project with which the customer addressed us is to modernize the existing website, create a convenient and easy-to-use resource for searching and booking river cruises, excursions, and additional services of partner companies, as well as automating the company's business processes related to the sale and provision of these services.


  1. Project design update

    the new website should be modern, intuitive, and in line with the company's international status

  2. Creating a management tool

    for users, groups, static and dynamic content, online store

  3. Development of 3 personal accounts

    with different functionality for site users

  4. Creation of two language versions of the site

    Russian and English ones. Possibility of different CJMs with the characteristics of specific audiences

  5. Site integration

    with a booking system and the organization of a single working window with booking motor ships for managers

  6. Integration with CRM

    parallel development based on Bitrix24

  7. New sales department system

    rejection of Excel and 1C:Cruises files

  8. Automated sending of reminders and notifications

    to clients/employees/managers of the company

Customer solutions:

Мы учли множество возможных сценариев покупки круиза и сделали сайт одинаково удобным как для опытных путешественников так и для “новичков”, совершающих свой первый выбор речного круизаWe took into account many possible scenarios for buying a cruise and made the site equally convenient for both experienced travelers and “beginners” making their first choice of river cruises

The ordering process is both simple and straightforward and allows the collection of both a basic set of data for booking and the immediate selection of additional options for a comfortable trip

After registration, all data about the selected cruise is stored in the client's personal account, offering an additional point of communication between the buyer and the company. So, for example, you can ask a question about the cruise, leave a review, recommend the tour to your friends

In your personal account, you can also print all the necessary check-in documents for boarding

Solutions for a partner company:

A simplified booking option has been implemented in the personal account, reflecting information about current individual discounts for a partner and information about partner remuneration

The system allows you to offer "its" services at the stage of ordering. It is relevant if the partner has several related activities, for example, excursions

The ability to "embed" the tour selection into your own site. In this case, all of the end customer's data is reflected in the partner's personal account

Solutions for the Vodohod company manager:

  • An interface integrated with CRM Bitrix24 (implementation case) system has been created that allows one to quickly correct order data, create payment documents, generate reports on trips and payments, and provide feedback to the client

Technical solution: roles of system users

  • Technical solution: roles of system users
  • Website users as individuals (can access all Personal Account functions as well as individual cruise prices and available personal discounts)
  • Content manager of the 1C-Bitrix site (can manage site content subject to admin-provided access restrictions)
  • 1C-Bitrix site administrator (can add, delete, or change any sections of the website and content thereof, manage user groups and site modules)
  • Client manager (can access the booking system's IFrame on the CRM side, manage (create, change, or cancel) clients' orders.


Single-user authorization has been implemented for the project on the website and in the booking system. Logging in on the website logs the user into the booking system as well. User identification and data synchronization between systems is carried out through a unique token that is automatically generated and assigned to the user at the time of their registration in the booking system.

The booking interface is fast and responsive thanks to its VUE.js core.

CRM and the booking system are integrated through the API. For transactions, the booking system sends order details, documents (contracts, boarding passes, trip vouchers), and new users' loyalty cards to the CRM. For transactions generated from requests made in website chats, phone calls, and otherwise filed via open lines, data from the booking system is stored in the transaction after the manager clicks Save in the CRM. The booking interface sends data on extras such as tours, souvenirs, transfers, early check-ins to the CRM; this information is stored in the corresponding fields of the transaction.

Printout generation

Client documents are generated by the customer's booking system and can be downloaded from the BS API. List of documents:

    • Client's contract with Vodohod
    • Boarding passes for the agent
    • Boarding passes for the client
    • Agent's bills
    • Agent's contract with Vodohod
    • Agent's reports

When a document is added or changed on the booking system side, the BS sends queries to the CRM and the website. Once a query is received, the CRM will update the document in the transaction, and the site will update the document in its structure.

Integration with third-party systems

    • Integration with the booking system API
    • Integration with the Mindbox loyalty system
    • Integration with the Bitrix24 CRM
    • B24 open lines
    • Integration with Gazprombank's acquiring API
    • SMS mailing service

The project architecture allows any and all systems to be stand-alone; failure of any one system will not cause other systems to fail.

Project outcomes

The new website has been designed not only with Russian, but international audiences in mind. We were not making just another website; rather, we created a new sales channel, a QoL improvement for managers and tour agents in the form of a state-of-the-art, functional, and convenient platform. The project is vivid and memorable thanks to a special focus on the quality of media content.

Vodohod was nominated for the Golden Website 2019 award in Service and Information Portal for Trip Selection and in Corporate Website. Once released, the upgraded Vodohod website was handed over to the maintenance department of FACT, a reliable integrator, for further maintenance.