Valta online store

About the Company

Valta is the leader of the Russian pet industry. Since 1996, the company has been supplying Russia with feed, vitamins, cosmetics, accessories, and grooming products from the world's leading brands. Valta works with both retail and wholesale customers. Since 2018, an educational project, Valta Zoo Business Academy, has been in existence.


  1. Automation of sales processes and loyalty programs

  2. Increasing sales to different user groups

  3. Unique design development

  4. Providing information support for the company's clients and partners

  5. Communicating the new positioning of Valta Pet Products

  6. Attracting new clients


  • Creation of a personal account with an ordering process adapted for different types of users and customization of sections
  • Redesign of the site structure, taking into account the specifics of the industry and customer needs
  • Development of a convenient B2B catalog with a classifier and content differences for key types of users
  • Creation of a new design in accordance with the Valta brand book
  • Redesign of the section for online training for partners


  • Conducted a pre-project analysis of the customer's sphere: worked out and drew key business processes in the format of diagrams, prepared a technical task, including a description of the integrations
  • We updated the site design taking into account the pre-project analytics and the company concept
  • We developed a catalog taking into account the customer's business processes
  • We customized the order of displaying sections for specific types of visitors
  • We supplemented the types of filtration taking into account the specifics of the customer's business
  • We added the ability for the client to independently generate a list of products based on the price list in XLSX format and upload to the site
  • We developed cross-sale and upsale blocks in the product card

The order of displaying sections in the catalog, as well as the type of personal account, differs for different users. For example, retail prices are indicated in the catalog for those who are not authorized, and individual prices are provided for authorized ones. Also, the order of goods withdrawal changes depending on the type of client.

The previous site of the Valta company assumed 4 types of filtration for all products: brands, pets, category, and price. The new version has more features. Filters depend on the product properties in the section. For example, when choosing food, the user can indicate the health characteristics of the pet, its age, as well as what taste the pet prefers. At the same time, the "Brand," "Animal type," "Animal size" properties are always displayed at the beginning of the filter list.

The client can place an order not only in the usual way by adding to the cart. We made it possible to download the price list in XLS format. Retail prices are provided for unauthorized users and individual prices for authorized users. In the document, the user can independently enter the number of goods in the corresponding field. Following that, the client uploads the price list back to the site, and a page with a list of the selected products opens for them. The list can be edited and added to the cart.

User's personal account
  1. We developed a personal account with different functionalities for several types of authorized users. Depending on the group membership, additional opportunities appear (referral program, loyalty program)

  2. We worked out a system for calculating and writing off points for the loyalty program

  3. We improved and made more convenient the Zoo Business Academy interface for training clients

  4. We configured the ability to download the history of orders taking into account sales through a physical channel

The main feature of this project is that the clients of Valta are both individuals and legal entities with different needs and capabilities. Retail products can be bought by breeders or groomers, while large bulk quantities can be ordered, by veterinary clinics for example. There are functional, visual, and content differences for each type of user on the site. In its most general form, division is made into individuals and legal entities. The second group also has a division into roles: administrator, manager, or unconfirmed by the administrator.

Certain tabs may appear in the personal account, depending on the user status. So, the company administrator has a "My employees" section. They add new users and set/change their role through it. For example, a manager can place orders on behalf of a counterparty. And the person unconfirmed by the administrator sees only retail prices and cannot place an order. At the same time, the administrator themself can work with all contracts. Also, there is a list of outlets in the "Agreements" tab where the manager can place an order. The list of outlets depends on the selected contracts.

Both individuals and legal entities can become participants in the Zoo Business Academy project. This is a three-month course, where the nuances of sales are revealed and information related to the anatomy of pets and their care is given. Also, users can buy individual modules, for example, the course "All About Cats." There is a separate tab for this. At the same time, individuals and retail buyers can only see the "Buy" button, while legal entities have an opportunity to buy a course for themselves or for a team. All paid courses are displayed for users in their personal account in the Zoo Business Academy section.

Referral program

My clan/circle/relatives section appears only for breeders showing those who have been invited by the user; products in the catalog are available at special prices for this circle of people. To send an invitation, there is a special button in the breeder's personal account that opens a form with fields for an email address and an additional contract. If the invited user has registered through the same mail that the breeder indicated, the account will be designated as confirmed during registration.

Bonus programs

Another section, "Points," is available to breeders, veterinarians, and clinics, provided that the client is connected to the points program. Moreover, each of these users has its own accrual rate. Inside the store, this function works like this: 1C transmits the link "type of customer - base coefficient of scoring" and/or "type of customer - product - individual coefficient of scoring in the context of a given product." Based on this link, the site calculates the estimated number of points for each product. The final figure can be seen after placing an order. The history of charges and write-offs is recorded in their personal account.

Integrations on the project

  • Integration with the customer's accounting system based on 1C
  • Integration with CRM "BPM online"
  • Acquiring - Sberbank
  • Jivosite Feedback Widget
  • Service SMS4B


The customer received a modern website for working with both the B2B sector and private clients. We paid special attention to customizing personal accounts for different types of users. Now it is more convenient to choose products, place orders, track purchase history.