SKAD marketplace

About the Company

SKAD is a manufacturer of light-alloy wheels of the K&K, SKAD, iFree brands. The enterprise is part of the RUSAL group of companies, a leading Russian and world producer of low-carbon aluminum. The business is focused on selling disks in Russia, as well as in the countries of the Customs Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan).

Project goals

  1. Create a personalized interactive service with automatic selection of wheels for specific car models

  2. Combine different brands on one site

  3. Improve the quality and speed of customer service

  4. Increase sales through thoughtful service


The customer needed a multi-brand online store of alloy wheels and other automotive products for retail and small wholesale orders. Prior to that, the company promoted each brand separately. We had to create a personalized service that would automatically select goods for the user according to the car parameters. At the same time, it is planned to expand the range and number of product categories in the future. A user-friendly site that takes into account all the details should increase the company's image and customer confidence, as well as attract more buyers.


  • Development of user scenarios for interaction with key (conversion) site interfaces
  • Working out a UX project taking user scenarios into account
  • Development of a design concept in accordance with RUSAL corporate style
  • Creation of a convenient catalog with the ability to customize filters in accordance with the specifics of goods
  • Expansion of several search options, including the selection of goods by car model
  • Development of a personal account for individuals and legal entities
  • Creation of the Online Fitting service with the ability for the user to visually evaluate the selected disks on their car
  • Developing responsive design for popular platforms
  • Implementation of a special SEO module for more flexible site optimization in search engines at the level of individual categories and pages
  • Integration with the customer's accounting system and external services


We have created a prototype and website design on the basis of our own pre-project research and analytical data of SKAD company. Having carefully studied the materials provided by SKAD company (analytical data, style guides, functional requirements), we conducted a detailed pre-design survey and benchmarking, compiled a CJM together with the customer, and developed an interactive prototype and design for the marketplace.

Product search
  • Disc selection by car model has been implemented. Selection, subsequent filtering, and sorting by parameters allows a list of possible options for purchase to be compiled in just a few clicks
  • Drive specification search - alternative navigation for professionals and garages
  • Product search by brand. It is a very common option for this type of product since the buyer is purposefully looking for a specific manufacturer and its variants of car discs
Catalog and pricing
  • The relevant order of product filtering parameters is displayed in different sections of the catalog
  • To help the user, the card and the detailed page of the product show information about the compatibility of discs with car models. The user can select a brand, and the system will show which models are suitable for certain discs
  • Also, the search by car model works in an end-to-end mode. Having selected a model once, the user will always see the compatibility of the viewed discs with their car
  • The card contains options for choosing the color of the discs: from more expensive to more affordable ones

Online fitting

We have created a service in which one can visually evaluate how disks will look on a particular car model. At the time of launch, several hundred vehicles of various configurations are available, and the list is constantly growing. Here the user can select the make and model from the list, along with the year of manufacture and modification. It is also possible to set the color of the car and select the background.

This is a convenient functionality that works for users in the online fitting room - the car is recorded in the list where the search was made. For example, if a user was looking for Renault Logan, the next time the service will immediately suggest them this car. If the visitor searched for several different models, this information will also be recorded and the list of "previous searches" will grow.

All users, including those not having been authorized on the site, will have the ability to save a car by adding the selected model to "My garage" after registering on the site. If the user first selected the disks and then decided to check how they will look, but the selected auto disks do not fit in the parameters, the service will inform them about this.

Personal account

A personal account on the marketplace is implemented for two types of users: individuals or legal entities. At registration, a new buyer is given the opportunity to choose a type, while in the second case it is required to confirm the status using the company details. For legal entities, the functionality of generating a payment invoice is available.

All authorized users have a My Garage tab. Here one can view, add, and delete data about their vehicles. The service uses this information for a faster and more accurate selection of goods for a specific buyer.

Order placement

Depending on the region and the selected delivery method, the website has its own payment methods. In addition to online payment (more than 15 connected payment systems), cash and card payments are available for some regions for payment upon delivery. Since the purchase of discs is often made on credit, we have integrated the site with the lending module from Sberbank. The user can apply for a loan at the stage of ordering, while Sberbank will transfer the money immediately to the store's account.

The site is configured with automatic geolocation, the city of delivery is marked for convenience by the service, while the buyer can always make the necessary changes. At the stage of delivery registration, the buyer can choose a transport company from the proposed list or declare any other, and the manager will calculate the exact cost when specifying the order, taking into account the client's wishes.

The buyer can track the order progress in their personal account. In addition, key changes in order status are accompanied by notifications that are sent to the buyer. A standard scenario purchase is also available for unauthorized users. In this case, filling in the key fields for registration occurs during the ordering process. And when buying using the "Buy in 1 Click" functionality, a feedback form opens (name, email, phone number). The preset payment method for such orders is “upon delivery,” and the delivery method is “self-pickup.” If the specified email already belongs to an existing user, the order will be linked to them. If such an email has not been entered before, then a new user is created, and a registration notification is sent to the specified email.


  • Integration with the MES system is configured
  • Integration with delivery calculation services of several transport companies has been implemented
  • Acquiring, Google Pay, Apple Pay configured
  • Integration with the online checkout system
  • Integration with the GeoIP Sypex Geo system (geolocation)
  • Integration with talk-me (online chat with an operator)
  • SMS-mailing service is connected
  • Email delivery service configured
  • Integration with credit systems (Sberbank)


The service was developed and launched on time. Together with the customer, we have made great efforts to make the marketplace convenient and useful for users, as well as contribute to business development.

The following can be noted as the results of the project:

  1. The opportunity to get acquainted with a huge range of alloy wheels from the country's largest manufacturer has been implemented

  2. Thanks to the developed applicability check functionality, the manufacturer guarantees compatibility of the purchased disk with the car model

  3. Placing an order with two-level verification ensures that the buyer matches the wheels with the car, and the seller does not receive returns due to the fact that the product does not fit

  4. This resource was developed taking into account the possibility of further scaling since the client has big plans for the product catalog development and the addition of new product groups