Palmetta D2C online store

About the Company

Founded in 1990, Palmetta is Russia's premier manufacturer of women's underwear. The Company has its own manufacturing sites and several distribution channels. Its products are available in the Russian market under three brands, Palmetta being the flagship brand.


In pursuing a better D2C sales model, Tamaris asked as to create a new channel to distribute their products.

  1. Customer attraction and retention

    thanks to a state-of-the-art, responsive website design

  2. Image component

    website design needs to showcase the Company's values, be eloquent and concise, and focus the visitors on product visuals

  3. Create a single content management point

    to inform the user about the Company and its activities

  4. Furtherance of the Omnichannel Loyalty Program

    thanks to online services for both online store and physical store buyers

Project objectives

5 objectives towards an easy-to-use, functional, and nice-looking website

  1. A convenient and easy-to-use design

    for on-the-fly selection of women's underwear

  2. Several intuitive catalog interfaces

    for on-the-fly selection of women's underwear

  3. A Personal Account service

    for on-the-fly selection of women's underwear

  4. A layer for integration with

    the customer's accounting system and third-party services

  5. Implementation of marketing tools

    to help work with new audiences and retain the trust of loyal buyers



Website prototype and design based on in-house pre-project research and Palmetta's analytics

Three different underwear search and selection options:
  • choose from a branded collection
  • classical search: choose by category, filter, and sort
  • catalog of new arrivals and an embedded preorder option
For loyal buyers:
  • a Personal Account that shows remaining bonus points
  • individual pricing in the catalog
  • notifications and reminders of new arrivals and personal offers
Integrations implemented as part of the project:
  • 1C 7.7 integration module
  • Palmetta's in-house loyalty service
  • Sberbank's acquiring
  • SDEK as the shipping operator
Marketing tools of the project:
  • up-sale and cross-sale blocks in the product card
  • mailings for registered users of the website
  • buyer reviews in the product card
  • individual pricing based on the history of purchases and Loyalty Program data

Project outcomes

The project is being launched in several stages and has so far been on schedule. As of today, the Company's entire catalog has been made available online; the next step is to create a complete online store and to transfer the project to FACT, a reliable web integrator, for maintenance