NONTON online store

About the Company

Nonton is an online store that specialized in affordable furniture. The Company retails comfortable and inexpensive furniture from >40 Russian and international vendors; in fact, it sources products directly from manufacturers: no middlemen involved. With a new focus on online sales, Nonton asked us to redesign their existing website.


Self-developed content management system posed a few business risks:

  1. Unable to handle multiple price types

  2. Stock and price tracking and updates were not automated

  3. The website was slow, resulting in numerous "failures" as shown by online metrics

  4. It was difficult to support and develop new functions

  5. Website design and interfaces were obsolete.

  6. No product offers or SKUs, which are must-haves when it comes to selling furniture


  1. Design

    upgrade the customer attraction and retention channel by creating a website that would feature state-of-the-art responsible design

  2. Create a reliable tool for online commerce

    capable of handling many potential buyers without compromising performance

  3. Create a single content management point

    by integrating with the accounting system


  1. Create an intuitive design

    where the buyer could choose from various categories of furniture and associated services

  2. Implement geolocation-based services integrated with

    the customer's accounting system and third-party services

  3. Develop portal manager's AWS

    to work with orders and inventory

  4. Develop a Personal Account service

    to give customers access to self-service

  5. Create a layer for integration

    with the customer's accounting system

  6. Adopt in-house marketing tools of the platform

    and integrate with third-party solutions


Website prototype and design based on in-house analytics and Nonton's data

Several buying scenarios
  • classical search: choose by category, filter, and sort
  • sales page
  • search on the website
For loyal customers
  • a Personal Account with additional services: replacements, returns, and feedback on the order
  • up-to-date prices and stock status
  • notifications and reminders of new arrivals and personal offers
Manager's automated workstation
  • manual customer registration process that creates a Personal Account and sends login credentials
  • customer feedback interface
  • ability to change the order with breakdown by vendors and shipping methods
Integrations on the project
  • the accounting system is 1C Trade Management 11
  • acquiring is provided by Sberbank and PromSvyazCreditBank
  • credit lines are provided by Tinkoff and Sberbank
  • SMS Center provides SMS mailings
  • Mango Office for telephony services
Marketing tools of the project
  • up-sale and cross-sale blocks in the product card
  • buyer reviews in the product card
  • personalized and general newsletters on special offers, promotions, and sales
  • transaction notifications: abandoned shopping cart, order payment, order status

Project outcomes

The project is being launched in several stages and has so far been on schedule. The website is now in pilot testing; the next step is to transfer the newly developed online store to a new hosting platform and to hand it over to FACT, a reliable web integrator, for further maintenance