LSR online store of building materials

About the Company

LSR Group is a diversified construction company active in several complementary market segments. The Group focuses on the production of building materials, construction, and development. Most of their business is concentrated in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Moscow and Moscow Oblast, Yekaterinburg and the Ural Region.

Aims and objectives

Organize B2C retail of building materials.

This online store sells building materials, associated products, delivery and unloading services.

  1. Increased retail
  2. A presentation of LSR Group's assortment of building materials


  1. Extended investigation

    of the scope of the matter to clarify the requirements to the future product

  2. Making a design

    based on the company's branded style and adapted for smartphone browsing

  3. Personal Account service for customers

    to have order details at hand

  4. Design of an easy-to-use and intuitive website

    with a three-level product catalog

  5. Adoption and customization of 1C Bitrix

    tailored to the customer's specific objectives and business processes

  6. A layer for integration with

    with the customer's accounting system

Creative process

  1. 150

    hours of analysis and design

  2. 60+

    developed interfaces including mobile view

Design was perhaps the decisive stage of the project. It was our time to comprehend and structure the customer's needs and functional requirements. To that end, the team studied the customer's subject matter in depth, analyzed the company's business processes, mapped and analyzed the competition, and benchmarked the industry's best practices

Thus, we were able to create a prototype that showcases the project's impressive functionality, informative interfaces, and ease of use. A detailed statement of work was made regarding the design of an online store.

This stage produced an effective solution and ensured great post-launch performance.

Design and makeup

Design concept and the pages that followed matched the style of the customer's corporate website that was in process at the same time. In the face of stringent requirements, the team has been able to design an online store that looks nice and is not overwhelming.

Focus was also made on the mobile view: the design templates are made with the market in mind, and in today's market, phones and tablets represent 60% of all traffic.

When making the pages, the team used technologies that can produce an adaptive website that is easy to use on any device with any screen resolution; it displays everything properly in all popular browsers on all popular operating systems.

  1. 5

    top-notch developers created a high-quality product

  2. 600+

    hours of development and testing

Several high-tech solutions implemented in the project make it truly stand out. We'd like to focus on special features that support the Customer's untrivial business processes:

  • Exchanging orders made on the website and creating suborders from them
  • Bilateral exchange of counterparties with the accounting system in real time (crucial for the customer's business process)
These solutions have a specific technical feature: orders and users are handled by an add-on to the standard Bitrix exchange, which processes any XML files in the customer-approved format, rather than standard CommerceML files. File upload is standard; non-standard format processing begins when a 1C query specifies the required XML file format (order or user file). Thus, all information (item names, units, discounts, etc.) in users' orders can be managed entirely from 1C.
Personal account

We developed the Personal Account service where users can:

  • Track order status;
  • Get documentation for each order;
  • View and print receipts after paying the order online;
  • etc
Recalculations on the go

This function is important in the construction industry. Detailed product card recalculates measurement units of products so that the buyer can find how much of a product they need, in the units they use.

Customer's feedback

D.M. Romanov
Deputy Sales Manager, LSR
LLC LSR. Walling thanks CIT FACT for dependable cooperation, professionalism, and successful completion of our online store, Quality work on schedule, fast response to emerging issues, initiativeness, structured approach to problem-solving, and outstanding professionalism were the highlights of this cooperation. Special thanks to Roman Dorin, project supervisor, and Ilya Komissarov, project manager, for their focus at any stage of the projects, their customer-oriented work, and their readiness to tackle controversies quickly. The results are great, and we are highly satisfied; CIT FACT is totally recommendable as a reliable and professional partner.
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  • A new full-cycle online store that meets the customer's requirements and is in line with Russian law
  • The project launched in a record time of 4 months
Right from the start, the customer's and the contractor's teams built effective communication and thus were able to create a top quality product quickly.