Lazurit D2C online store

About the Company

Lazurit is Russia's largest retailer of upholstered and non-upholstered furniture for homes, offices, and hotels. Lazurit-branded furniture is on sale in 160 cities in Russia. Its retail chain comprises 580 boutiques, and a federal online store that we've developed.


  1. Boost Lazurit's sales
  2. Advance D2C sales as part of the digitalization campaign
  3. Develop new online services for Lazurit's customers


  1. A new design

    to match the brand concept

  2. Restructure the website

    to better suit the industry's sales practices

  3. Adopt online logics

    for delivery and assembly services

  4. Automate price

    and availability data exports as well as customer and order data imports

  5. Implement

    easy access to the Company's services for buyers

  6. Develop an easy-to-use online chat

    for customer support


  • We had analyzed this niche of ecommerce before starting the project
  • We were able to prototype and design the website with the behavior of focus groups in mind
Business solutions.
Catalog and pricing
  • We implemented 1C integration to automate the import of (i) price data for three pricing zones and (ii) regional availability data
  • We also implemented coupon loading and rules of shopping cart management from the accounting system
  • Standard receipt generation procedure of the online checkout was altered to better suit the Company's current basis
  • We also implemented price recalculation as adjusted for the cost of the assembly service where ordered
  • An option was added to apply for an installment plan
  • Shipping and cost data is stored in the customer's accounting system. The backend imports the Shipping Table and the Delivery Calendar from the customer's 1C to use at the checkout.
  • Delivery costs depend on the product category (upholstered vs non-upholstered furniture, kitchen furniture, or accessories) as well as on the regional branch
  • Idea Bank service implemented for the Company's staff and customers
  • Buyers can now apply for a custom design
  • Online chat with the Customer Support Service
  • Online chat, SMS, and email mailing services are configured to keep customers informed

Project outcomes

Project launched in full and on time The project team has not been disbanded, as the business may face new challenges.
The customer has been positive about the results.

K.V. Sokolin
Lazurit's Director for Ecommerce
We wholeheartedly appreciate FACT's effort and thank them for the development of our online store, We'd like to note the punctuality and responsible attitude towards the schedule, the team's initiativeness and professionalism in all stages of the project, their responsiveness and openness to dialogue, their customer-minded approach. They managed to complete all the objects of the project and launch it within a short time.
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