Implementation and set up of CRM for a non-state pension fund

About the Company

One of Russia's largest non-state pension funds. The Company is in the top of the NPF market in terms of pension assets.

Project history

The Fund's services are not limited to mandatory retirement plans. This NPF also provides an additional pension (NPS, or non-governmental pension security). It serves over 5 million customers. The Company used to use a combination of services (mail, a third-party chat, telephony, and Excel files) to handle all the requests and applications.

Thus, applications filed via the website would be emailed to managers, who then had to make database entries manually. However, manual processing complicated things and posed a risk of errors. To avoid errors and shorten processing times, case handling and customer data collection had to be automated.

Project goals

  • Create a single case handling system to store the history of Fund-customer interactions
  • Automate the core business processes
  • Take some workload off managers and operators so that they could work more efficiently


  • Collect, store, and show customer data, sales with breakdown by channels, and marketing activity data.
  • Automate Customer Service Center's handling of customers' cases.
  • Automate interaction with related systems and subdivisions of the Company.
  • Simplify customer search in the database.
  • Configure collection of analytical data on customers in the database.
  • Enable quick access to customer-specific data.
  • Design structured customer interaction history storage.
  • Automate reminders and notifications for customers, staff members, and managers.
  • Set up a one-stop shop for customer-manager interactions.
  • Integrate and aggregate Fund-customer communication channels.


  • Core transaction funnels automated
  • Contact cards configured to automatically calculate the key metrics (level of contributions, age, account balance, etc.)
  • Duplicate check configured
  • Company cards configured
  • Managers' roles and access defined
  • Targeted or bulk mailing made possible
  • Reporting and analytics configured

Out-of-the-box Bitrix24 had to be customized for the project. Experts in the field know: standard solutions may not be enough for the CRM processes of a particular business. In this case, the objective was to build a service logic and to implement 7 business processes of the Customer:

  • Interaction with Cash Transaction Centers
  • Sale of mandatory retirement plans to individuals
  • NPS for individuals
  • NPS for entities
  • Sales as part of work with former customers
  • Reception of feedback on office visits
  • Sales as part of work with Multibonus (a loyalty program) customers

As of today, CRM can automatically register customers' cases (applications, complaints, etc.). The system also suggests to the operator to offer this or that product, then records the results. For instance, when working with a customer that is already in the database, the operator can see special tags in the customer's card. Thus, MRP means that the customer has bought a mandatory retirement plan. The goal is to sell additional pension (NPS). The system is configured to demand that the operator specify the results of such additional sales. If the customer is interested, a query is sent automatically to the responsible manager. Thus, the service reminds operators about additional sales and helps attain such. Officers can see right from the start what else could be offered to the customer, and thus waste no time.

Another feature of the project is that personal data counts in millions of entries. Five thousand entries would be no problem. But 5 million require a special approach so that data exchange occurs properly and without performance loss. This was one of the features of the project.This experience enables us to scale such solutions to other companies that need integration with a large database.Information security was a major focus in this project, too.


  • dbase integration
  • Infinity integration
  • Ipension integration
  • Mail integration
  • Npo-online integration
  • Messenger and social media integrations
  • IEIS integration


Managers respond to applications and requests using a single case handling system. We configured and upgraded the CRM system to perfectly match the Customer's needs. Now that the core business processes are automated, staff members spend less time per customer. A fully structured sales logic boosts the Fund's revenue.