A single software package for operators and participants of the "Your Home" program

About the Company

Nornickel is a premier national and international producer of high-grade nickel and palladium. The Company also produces platinum, rhodium, gold, silver, and other metals. It has branches in five countries on three continents: Russia, Australia, Botswana, Finland, and South Africa.

Project history

Since 2010, the company has been developing its housing programs for staff in order to hire and retain staff at its facilities in the Far North. In 2019, the Nornickel metalworking company approved its corporate social program Your Home. It entitles staff members to an interest-free mortgage. Program participants are registered as homeowners immediately and then pay their share of the costs in installments. Apartments remain deposited with the program operator.

LLC Your Home was founded to carry out the program. One of the priorities of the new structure was to create world-class customer service that would support staff members throughout their enrollment in the program. The company commissioned IT.Philosophy to develop the software package. IT.Philosophy then in turn subcontracted the development to FACT.


Improve operator-participant interaction under Your Home by upgrading the single interaction environment: co-integrated 1C accounting systems in utilities and housing management, the CRM, and the Personal Account, available as a web service.


Automate the CRM's processes of LLC Your Home in public utilities and housing management:

  • Finalize a single database of the program operator's housing (buildings and spaces), financial accounts of the participants (homeowners), and the program operator's contracts
  • Provide personal data protections for the program participants
  • Automate business processes of customer (participant) relations.
  • Automate the accounting of settlements between the participants (homeowners) and housing management/resource/insurance companies on utility and insurance services
  • Automate the accounting of settlements between the participants (homeowners) and the operator on contracts of sale and other services
  • Automate the packaging of standard documents for contracts of sale, automate billing and invoicing
  • Develop a public website for the operator
  • Develop and advance a Personal Account service for the program participants
  • Enable invoice payment from the Personal Account



  • Automate the core business processes
  • Develop and integrate the Personal Account
  • Adapt the CRM to better suit business needs
  • Optimize the service for mobile devices

A single software package was needed so that users could enjoy full support and admins could manage the core processes and access the database. It comprises the following components:

  1. Bitrix24-based CRM

  2. Bitrix-based Personal Account as a web service

  3. 1C accounting system based on BIT.Utilities 8 for use with 1C: Enterprise 8

Functions for the operator

The operator uses two core systems: CRM and BIT.Utilities. Its staff members have defined roles and accesses. For instance, a Manager can create subject CRM objects as House or Housing Complex in the CRM, create tasks, schedule payments, etc. The manager also enters participants' and residents' data, can upload or create the required documents. The system can also make templates to further generate a complete documentation package.

The business processes are fully algorithmized. Once the system has the necessary data, CRM generates transactions that will go a few steps further. All the actions are fully regulated and controlled, e.g., the transaction cannot proceed to the next step if some of the required documents are missing. This effectively builds clear-cut user interaction and automates workflow.

To finalize the transaction, all data is sent to BIT.Utilities, which makes calculations and then automatically uploads the required information to the user's Personal Account.

Security is crucial when it comes to personal data. That was one of the requirements. At the same time, we had to work with a complex system architecture. Only that which was allowed to remain open was made open. Thus, we were able to protect customer data and meet the company's requirements.

Functions for the participants

To join the program, the customer signs the documents and some time later gets access to their Personal Account once it has been set up. Data for two-factor authentication is emailed. Once the customer logs in to the website, they can see all their data and housing under the program. Personal Account has the following functions:

  • check arrears,
  • pay arrears on utilities,
  • report meter readings,
  • download receipts as PDF files,
  • work with the equipment in the apartment.


  • Bitrix-based Personal Account is integrated with the Bitrix24-based CRM system
  • The CRM system is integrated with the BIT.Utilities 8-based 1C accounting system
  • 1C is integrated with the Bitrix-based Personal Account
  • AD is integrated so that operators can access the system via end-to-end authorization
  • The mailing system is also integrated


We have upgraded the single information space where the program operator and participants can interact and solve issues. The project has been launched. To date, some 1,000 participants already have access to the required data and are paying their bills using this service.