HR service for a mining company

About the Company

One of Russia's top rare-earth metal producers. The company is also one of the global leaders in terms of production volume and raw mineral reserves.


For a company whose subdivisions are scattered across a large area, it is critical that all the administrative and production staff have access to a single information space. The Company asked IT.Philosophy, a system integrator, to find a comprehensive solution. IT.Philisophy subcontracted FACT to develop a 1C-Bitrix24-based information system.

The parties agreed to split the project into multiple releases. All the stages are scheduled for completion in 2021; the resulting HR service digitalization solutions will be consistent with the customer's goals and purposes.

Goals of adoption

  • Less labor-intensive paperwork regarding human resource management
  • Lower workflow costs
  • Optimized and unified HR service processes
  • Faster HR services
  • Better control and transparency of HR service processes
  • No more digital inequality between administrative and production staff

Objectives of adoption

  • Describe target business processes in the context of the requirements to the corporate portal (assigned to IT.Philosophy)
  • Upgrade the Company's existing information systems to enable integration with the corporate portal on the 1C-Bitrix24.Enterprise platform
  • Develop and adapt the Customer's target business processes on the 1C-Bitrix24 platform
  • Create an integration bus between the implemented corporate portal and the Company's information systems as part of adapting target business processes
  • Draft documentation on using the Staff Member's Personal Account; training the staff

Solutions under the 1st release

  • Implementation of a fail-safe server architecture for hassle-free HR services. The system can support the simultaneous work of more than 7,000 employees, with a total number of service users at 20,000 people. This architectural solution can be scaled to carry numerous stable connections simultaneously.
  • Mobile app for staff members. This app is an infrastructural solution, a part of 1C-Bitrix24; available for iOS and Android, 75% of the staff is expected to use the app on a daily basis. All the functional solutions below are extensions to the standard platform and are also accessible 24/7, 365 days a year via this corporate app. Such implementation enables flexible management of the mobile client functions; new services can be added without updating the app every time.
  • Personal Account service for staff and managers. Managers can switch to 'staff' mode. Functional interface and access to various services is tiered, hence such a design.
  • HR service for motivating more workers to work weekends and holidays. The manager requests more specialists, and staff can respond and sign with their digital e-signature (integration with the Authorization Center of SKB Kontur). To address this, standard 1S-Bitrix24.Enterprise underwent substantial improvement to be able to issue digital signature certificates in bulk quantities without compromising general system performance.
  • HR service for subsistence applications (staff can request subsistence in cases of child birth, etc.).
  • Business trip booking service. An employee can apply for a business trip using a third-party service (, which creates an approval process. Data needed by the related departments (HR and accounting) goes to the information subsystem to schedule business trips and absences, and to generate reimbursement documentation.
  • End-to-end staff authentication on the portal thanks to Ms ActiveDirectory integration. Among other data, ActiveDirectory provides access to subordination structure and positions.

Outcomes of the 1st release

HR services fully implemented as agreed. The first part of the implemented functionality is under pilot testing in the customer's production information space. Further steps will be discussed as the project moves forward.