Automate business processes for a vertically integrated oil company

About the Company

One of the leaders of Russia's fuel and energy complex. The Company explores and develops oil and gas fields, operates oil refineries, produces and sells petroleum products. The Company's structure comprises more than 70 oil production, refinery, and sales companies in Russia and abroad.


Automate business processes to conveniently manage contracts in two activities:

  1. Sales of crude materials (supervise contract management and order processing with automatic stock updates and tasking)

  2. Purchase of crude materials from the exchange

The Company used to use its in-house systems and Excel. However, this was inconvenient, as the Head Office and subsidiaries did not have a shared database. For this project, we automated and converged all processes into a single system for the Head Office and one subsidiary. The plan is to scale the system to the entire structure of the holding.


  • Implement two highly branched business processes
  • Implement continuous integration and rolling release of the 1C-Bitrix24: Corporate Portal-based product for consistent and automated building, packaging, and testing


What is done:

  • custom business processes with developed activities;
  • activities for business processes (automatic closure of tasks under tasks, card field fill check, retrieval of user lists by ID, etc.);
  • CRM forms in the standard UI, which simplifies filling in transaction fields;
  • customized lists for more convenient view and editing of structured data;
  • redesign and removal of unneeded functions;
  • customized interface with preloaders;
  • batched creation of transactions from specifically formatted XML files, generation of PDF files;
  • customized standard business calendar (switching between months, configured workdays and holidays)

One of the more complex solutions of the project was the implementation of an effective automation process based on the CI/CD pipeline, as the Customer's business processes have over 100 blocks with multiple inputs. This process was based on Bitrix24, a service that in its original form does not have capability.

How does it work?

The system supports and tracks the entire workflow related to the exchange-mediated sales and purchase of crude materials. System users can see checkpoints, track events, export exchange data, etc.

The system also features defined user roles that have different function sets for each business process. Subsidiary staff members can only access data of their respective organizations, whereas the Head Office can access all the processes of its subsidiaries. The system has no more than 50 users as of the MVP stage.


The system was developed and transferred to pilot testing within 4 months, a record-breaking time for a project of this scale, in cooperation with Quantum Art. The Customer's staff members have already noted that the system makes tracking and management of critical business processes far easier.

Potential applications

Such developments could be of use for major holdings that lead in their respective market segments in Russia and have strong foothold in the international market. Applications are not limited to mining and extraction companies; the project could also be useful in manufacturing, agriculture, investment, technology, etc.