Thermex В2В portal

About the Company

Thermex Corporation is a large international commercial and industrial holding, a leader in the water heating industry in Russia and one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of heating equipment. The Thermex brand was founded in 1949. The company entered the Russian market in 1995, having a history of successful developments in the field of water heating technology, and has been the market leader in this segment for more than 10 years. In recent years, the company has expanded its scope of activities, developing lines of heating equipment, water filtration systems and other categories of household appliances.


  1. Increasing the efficiency of B2B sales through the introduction of self-service tools

  2. Improving the quality and speed of B2B customer service

  3. Receiving a comprehensive tool for posting information about the company's goods and services

  4. Increasing customer loyalty by providing customers with the maximum amount of information about products


  • Creation of a convenient and functional portal design for desktop and mobile portal clients
  • Organization of the possibility of a client's work on behalf of several legal entities within one account
  • Creation of a document management service within a personal account
  • Development of the "Finance" service to display data on mutual settlements
  • Development of a marketing support block for Thermex clients
  • Development of an integration bus for communication with customer information systems
  • Preparation of documentation for working with a B2B portal


  • Fault-tolerant server architecture was designed to ensure the B2B portal's uninterrupted operation
  • A modern and convenient portal design was developed, taking into account the behavioral factors of the main focus groups
  • The accompanying documentation for the Thermex team portal has been formed
Commerce and logistics:
  • The counterparty's personal prices were downloaded from the customer's accounting system
  • We have developed a catalog of goods with a reflection of personal prices, availability statuses, and the possibility of mass adding to the order.
  • We implemented a "quick order" service by SKU and by copying from an excel file
  • We implemented the functionality of the shopping cart templates with an ability to add to the order
Counterparty's personal account:
  • An omnichannel strategy has been implemented with the ability to view counterparty orders placed outside the B2B portal
  • The possibility of forming an application for obtaining technical documentation, invoices and reconciliation acts for the selected legal entity has been organized
  • The functionality of displaying the state of financial relationships has been developed. Customer data is uploaded from the customer's accounting system
  • The possibility of forming a "combined" price list from the selected nomenclature groups has been implemented. Upon formation, the price list is available for download in xls and pdf format
Marketing tools:
  • Tools for partner marketing support were created, for example, an ability to order printed products
  • Centralized storage of instructions, videos, certificates of conformity, advertising materials, photographs and other media content was organized
Integrations used in the project:
  • Information about counterparties, related data on them - 1C
  • Data on orders, nomenclature, prices, balances - 1C


The B2B portal for Thermex LLC clients has been launched in full and is in the process of connecting current customers to the new service. During the project realization, the following steps were recorded for the project development and maintenance.


Igor Kostyk
Thermex Marketing Director
At each stage, we received a large number of clarifying questions from you, and this helped in solving and detailing many processes. We had to digitize some of them for the first time in our company. It is important for any company in this field to find the optimal balance between the speed of work and its quality.