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The leading Russian company in the design, production, and after-sales support of missile-carrying bomber planes and special-purpose aircraft.

Single entry point

Online shopping has become so commonplace that outdated buying methods for customers from the b2b segment - sending Excel files with a list of articles to the manager's email is hesitantly but surely retreating, thereby clearing the way for progress.

The purchasing process naturally is somewhat more complicated for such customers and requires additional services. Together with the company "Trading Systems TechnoNikol" (hereinafter TSTN), we analyzed the business process of purchasing and developed a portal that allows the automation of routine tasks, both on the part of the company's clients and on the part of sales managers.

Project goals

  1. Creating a handy tool

    for clients of TSTN, to allow ordering products and receiving information about transactions and financial statements

  2. Optimization of working time

    of TSTN managers by automating the tasks of processing typical customer requests

To achieve our goals, we made some changes to the basis of the existing site and developed a separate personal account for B2B users.

We change the basis of the online store

01 For corporate portal users

we show a full list of goods (regardless of the product card filling) available for the given region, while unauthorized users and users of the retail online store see only the goods sold in the online store

02 The shopping cart

now has an ability to divide the order into two sets, according to delivery time: the first set includes the goods available to be delivered today, the second contains all other goods

03 The enterprise portal is set to tabular data display by default

for authorized users. It is known that b2b clients do not need large product images, unlike b2c ones

04 "Credit" payment method was added

What's inside?

After authorization on the site, the portal user gains access to their personal account where operational information is presented on the home page:

  • The personal details and contact information of a personal manager;
  • Current balance of funds and credit limit;
  • The number of orders in progress;
  • Bonus balance.

Personal accounts

Various services have been developed for users

  1. Checkout at corporate prices

    are subject to agreements and discounts

  2. List of orders and their statuses

    it's convenient to be able to monitor the status of all deliveries on one page

  3. Advance invoice

  4. Manage your list of delivery addresses

    addresses can added or removed, taking into account current requirements

  5. Balance sheet, loans, reconciliation statements

    the user receives paperless financial documents to their personal account

  6. Request of shipping documents for orders

    a corporate client may request an invoice and a waybill for their orders

  7. Request for material calculation

    the user can send a request by attaching the documentation for the convenience of obtaining a calculation of the amount of materials

  8. Refund

    you can send a request for a refund with the attachment of supporting documents

  9. Returning goods

    A request may be made for the return of goods with an indication of the reason for the return and attachment of supporting documents

  10. Price list with individual prices

    the user can create a price list for one or several sections of the product catalog and save them in XLS or PDF formats

  11. Technical documentation

    the site contains product sale certificates for certain goods. The service allows a request to be sent for all necessary documentation

Service peculiars

The ability to quickly form an order according to an individual price list in your personal account

Balance, loans, reconciliation statements - the user receives paperless financial documents in their personal account. Also, you can manage the list of your addresses for delivery in your personal account - you can add and delete addresses depending on where orders are often delivered

Loan request

The service allows a request for a loan with the necessary documents attached to be sent

  1. Contacts of a personal manager and working hours of the sales department

    a user can clarify the contacts of his personal manager in their personal account and quickly find out the contacts of the nearest sales department

  2. Legal entity account administration

    users of the personal account, endowed with the appropriate powers, can independently add new users to their company, change their access levels to the services of the client portal, and also deactivate users

  3. Bonus program (for individuals)

    information about the status of the bonus balance, history of accrual and write-offs of bonuses

Manager's AWP

Buyers in the construction business are often not experienced users of online services. To help them with registration, ordering, receiving accounting documents, etc., a separate personal account was developed for company managers. It allows one to select a company and a client acting as a company representative, creating an account user to perform actions on their behalf.

In addition, the manager has the opportunity to register new clients who are immediately assigned to this manager.

Customer's feedback

Vanyushkin D.E.
IT Director of LLC UTS TechnoNIKOL
We would like to express our gratitude to the FACT team for the successful completion of the project on the development of the updated website, fruitful cooperation in the maintenance of the corporate portal. I would especially like to note the excellent result of the work. For our part, we can confidently recommend FACT company to our business colleagues as a reliable and professional partner.
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  1. 500+

    Number of managers already using AWP

  2. 1000+

    Registered users on the portal

The FACT company has already automated the interaction of B2B users with the websites of such large companies as TechnoNIKOL, Stroylandia, Slavdom, Mega, Master Watt. We are ready to apply our rich experience to develop B2B projects of any complexity.