Stroylandia online store

About the Company

Stroylandiya is one of the largest chain companies in the Russian market of building and finishing materials and household goods. For many years, it has been in the TOP 10 organizations in its industry. The DIY retailer offers products of well-known and proven brands, and also develops its own brands. The Company has several trade formats: hyper and supermarkets, specialized stores. The area of stores in different cities ranges from 1,500 to 10,000 sq. meters. 32 company's stores are located in 23 cities located in 4 federal districts of Russia and their number continues to grow.

Objectives and goals

  1. Fault tolerance

    The main task was to provide fault tolerance and the ability to cope with high loads without slowing down page loading.

  2. New platform

    The platform and the program code of the site must ensure rapid implementation of new functionality without being tied to a specific developer.

  3. Adaptability

    Creating a mobile view - the scenarios for buying through a smartphone and a tablet are significantly different.

  4. Urgency

    High urgency of the project: no more than 4 months for everything


The customer's old site could hardly cope with the catalog of 30,000 products, permanently went down at increased loads, which incredibly irritated the company's management. The new site works equally well both with 30,000 products and 60,000 test ones), it shows itself perfectly both for the planned 10,000 daily users, and at the peak (traffic can soar by 3 times or more).

Project in numbers

  1. 11 000

    Average number of unique visitors per day

  2. >37 000

    Items of goods on the site, excluding trade offers

  3. 1,5 million

    Average number of page views per month

  4. 0,4 sec

    Average page return rate

Design and responsive design

Initially, the customer did not want to change the existing design, and most of the announced work was related to optimizing the site's functionality and transferring it to the 1C-Bitrix CMS system. Nevertheless, project optimization and organization of its adaptability required the intervention of both the UX specialist and the designer in the project. Within two weeks, in parallel with the main work, we did everything necessary:

  • Designing new pages with geo-dependent content;
  • Bringing information on the site to a single structure;
  • Design and creation of a responsive version (for mobile phones and tablets).

The responsive version of the site is optimized for the behavior of various users (users of horizontal and vertical tablets, mobile phones, and laptops).

The result is worth the effort

1. Implementation of price types

Different types of prices and different warehouses allow the same items to be sold at different prices in different regions, taking into account their availability in a particular city, as well as apply various statuses to them (new, used), which are also geo-dependent. Technically, statuses for different cities are uploaded to separate highload infoblocks.

2. Promotions - taking care of each client

The section of promotions, where the user can get comprehensive information about online and brick-and-mortar promotions in their region, and select and purchase promotional goods with discounts or special conditions. As an additional marketing tool, a section of geo-dependent promotional kits with the possibility of selection has been implemented.

3. Assistance in buying - beneficial for everyone

In the old version of the site, product cards practically did not have a binding. The user was forced to independently study the catalog in an attempt to purchase everything they needed. In the new version, the product card receives a block of upsale tips that help the client to buy everything at once, and help the company increase the average order receipt on the site. The tip is displayed for similar products, products from the same collection, and for sets.

4. Convenience is the key to increasing the average check

Not only the presence of blocks that increase the order amount but also their location is important. This functionality has made it possible to achieve a surge in additional sales of related goods since the start of the project. The possibility of analyzing this block was initially announced by the customer and successfully implemented by us.

5. It's easier to filter - get more

Here is a list of "invisible" changes that have tangible benefits:

  • The order of filters in a category can be changed, showing the filters that are significant for the group above the rest. A collection of statistics was organized on the use of filters to make this order natural. Does the customer often search for a specific parameter? The customer sees this and sorts the order in which the filters are displayed
  • All values are sorted alphabetically - omission of Bitrix has become a beneficial advantage of this online store
  • Moreover, when the value of one filter is selected, all the others are "rebuilt." The buyer immediately sees only possible values and then all the rest "at the top" of the next filter
6. A convenient search is half the battle

Smart and fault-tolerant search using the Elasticsearch engine has helped make the site even more user-friendly. Now the user spends literally seconds in order to find the desired product. In addition, this engine can be scaled by distributing it across multiple servers. And indexing takes place in real time, which guarantees always up-to-date search results.

  1. 7. Bonuses - useful, pleasant, necessary!

    We also made the site closer to our users thanks to the always up-to-date bonus balance on club cards in real-time mode (taking into account physical and online orders). Partial payment for the order can be made with the help of the bonus account. The function is implemented using the 1C-Bitrix internal account mechanism. And for some, it is very important to know exactly how many bonuses can be used right now.


Just 3.5 months after the start of work, the Customer received a completely new site for use that meets the high requirements of a modern e-commerce project.

  1. There are already 39,000 product items on the site, and this number is constantly increasing

  2. The site also overcame peak loads of 30,000 visitors per day, confirming the declared level of fault tolerance

  3. The site easily transfers daily loads of 9-11 thousand visitors per day, giving pages in less than a second according to newrelic monitoring data and in 2-2.5 seconds according to 1C-Bitrix monitoring data. Such results have been achieved by using the Composite Site technology based on a server cluster

The first stage has been successfully completed. We do not stop at the achieved result. The Stroylandia project is developing every day. Expect new cases.