URALCHEM buyer's personal account

About the Company

URALCHEM is a leader in the field of agronomic and industrial expertise. The company produces traditional and new high-performance fertilizers and chemical feedstocks, as well as offers complete business solutions built on extensive experience in agriculture and industrial technology.


  1. Automation of processing contacts and customer requests

  2. Increasing sales efficiency by freeing up the manager's resources

  3. Improving the quality and speed of customer service

  4. Automation of the process of monitoring order fulfillment

  5. Increasing customer loyalty through additional convenient services, including self-service


  • Pre-project research and analysis of input data for the formation of user scenarios and business process diagrams
  • Development of a design concept, taking into account the pre-design study and in accordance with the brand book of LLC TD UralChem
  • Implementation of a B2B catalog, taking into account the terms of the relationship with the buyer
  • Creation of a personal account of a B2B buyer/counterparty of the company
  • Setting up analytics tools for the manager of LLC TD UralChem
  • Implementation of marketing tools for clients and company employees
  • Development of an integration bus with related information systems of LLC TD UralChem
  • Development of documentation for working with the portal and training client personnel


  • Fault-tolerant server architecture was designed to ensure the B2B portal's uninterrupted operation
  • A modern and intuitive project design was developed, taking into account the behavioral factors of the main focus groups
  • The accompanying documentation for the project for the day-to-day work of the team has been formed by the UralChem company
Commerce and logistics:
  • Several options for product selection scenarios have been implemented: traditionally through catalog search with product filtering and multiple addition of items to the cart from the list view
  • A fully functional unit page (product card) has been developed. For the convenience of buyers, the multiplier and the minimum quantity for the order are displayed
  • A "quick order" service by article and by downloading the price list in excel format has been implemented
  • The process of ordering products with the integration of the order formation logic was realize
Counterparty's personal account:
  • An omnichannel strategy has been implemented with the ability to view counterparty orders placed outside the B2B portal
  • Blocks of partner marketing support were developed, for example, the ability to order printed materials and an advertising campaign
  • A centralized service for periodic surveys and questionnaires has been created to receive feedback from the company's partners
  • Support services through calls (according to the customer's business processes) were implemented
Marketing tools and PRM elements:
  • A module for uploading reports for a company manager (requests/orders, requests, polls) was created
  • A training and testing constructor was implemented to improve the quality of knowledge of the counterparty's employees
  • Centralized storage of instructions, videos, certificates of conformity, advertising materials, photographs and other media content was organized
Integrations used in the project:
  • Development of API for referring CRM based on BPMOnline to the buyer's personal account
  • Simplified authorization on the portal using a connector to MS Active Directory

Project outcomes

The B2B portal for UralChem's clients was launched in full and within the agreed time frame. During the project implementation, the following steps were formed for the project development and maintenance.