Site with voluminous B2B functionality Bureaucrat

About the Company

The "Bureaucrat" project is an online subdivision of MERLION responsible for the sale of goods to meet the office needs of B2B partners


The main task was to launch a website with voluminous B2B functionality in a short time

Our company won a tender for website creation thanks to the accumulated experience in this direction, having previously implemented similar projects with companies such as Technonikol and Stroylandia.


To meet the project deadlines, we decided to carry out the stages of work in parallel: the design of the site interfaces started together with the integration layer development.

The customer completely trusted us in the work on the design of interfaces, so the familiar interfaces of the online store and the b2b personal account were quickly adapted to the specifics of the customer's business. We worked out scenarios for the work of several users within one company, which, in turn, are united by a single client (analogous to a holding structure).


The project did not have a ready-made API, so at the start, we focused on the existing API for other MERLION projects, which the customer's employees were finalizing taking into account the specifics of the new project. Since the project team from the customer's side did not have experience in integrating with a site on CMS 1C-Bitrix, we decided to hold weekly meetups to discuss complex issues, and by the time of launch, our communication became daily.

The specificity of the customer's accounting system consisted in the fact that it was necessary to create separate properties for each section of the product catalog. For example, if a handle has a Color property in the Ballpoint Pens section, then a new property must be created for markers.

5200 properties for filtration

Knowing about the peculiarities of 1C-Bitrix operation with a large number of properties, we have implemented the storage of properties with only the data that is required for filtering. A separate storage system is organized for description and comparison. At the start of the project, it was assumed that the number of properties for filtering would be around 2,000, but now it has reached 5,200, while the site can withstand such a load.

Since working with legal entities requires verification of counterparties, we set up integration with Kontur.Focus where we request data about the organization by TIN. Another convenient feature for operators processing orders: the delivery address entered by the user is brought in line with the FIAS.

To ensure the identity of the access levels of users working on behalf of the buying company, the site has implemented a regular exchange of users and counterparties, taking into account their roles. Therefore, the existing clients of the company "Bureaucrat" were able to place orders and control the current balances of settlements immediately after registering on the site on behalf of one of their companies.

History of success

Pavel Sugrobov, project manager from the Bureaucrat company, spoke at the annual conference EcomExpo '19 with a report on the launch of the Bureaucrat B2B platform.

Sugrobov Pavel
Head of the "Bureaucrat" project
Many factors were taken into account when choosing a contractor. Starting from the recommendations of Bitrix itself, studying the portfolios of various judges, and ending with monitoring price offers, then analyzing the portfolio and technical and material resources of contractors. Following the internal competition, CIT FACT was recognized as the winner. I would like to especially note the professionalism of the team. An attentive and thoughtful approach. Very strong process management, structured approach, timely fixation of agreements and decisions, control of execution.
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  1. An online store with a complex basis of a multi-client personal account for b2b was launched in just 4 months

  2. The site allows users to select the office supplies they need from over 35,000 items

  3. A full integration of goods, orders, and user accounts provided an easy start for existing customers