BASF chemical group B2B portal

About the Company

The BASF concern has been producing chemicals for over 150 years. The group's portfolio of offerings includes chemicals, plastics, special chemicals, crop protection products, seeds, as well as oil and natural gas. BASF introduces innovative products that will optimize agricultural technologies, improving the quality of food and human life.

Project goal

BASF applied for the creation of an online store with marketplace functions. The manufacturer needed a new sales channel for its own chemical products, as well as products from other manufacturers. When we created a service, it was necessary to take into account the nuances and restrictions on the sale of chemicals in the Russian Federation.


Development and technical support of the BASF online store, including:

  1. A possibility of ordering products for legal entities and individuals

  2. Integration via API with the customer's ERP (prices, counterparties, balances, orders)

  3. Providing product documentation for dealers and end users


Buying process

The market standard has been implemented - a traditional setup of buying through the selection of goods from the catalog. At the same time, it takes into account the industry specifics, providing the client with all the mandatory and necessary information about the product at several “touch points”

Taking into account industry specifics

When adapting BASF's business processes to work on the internet, decisions were promptly made collectively with the customer on changes to be made related to strict government regulation and strict requirements for the sale of chemical products.

Types of customers

After registration, legal entities go through the approval procedure at the company's head office. BASF products are available to the retail consumer through the company's accredited dealers, detailed information about which is presented on the portal.


BASF strives to expand its range, including attracting third-party products, so that customers can get the most complete list of products and order everything in one place. Therefore, the possibility of the subsequent formation and display of the assortment of other companies was provided during catalog development. The platform allows you to insist on integration with different accounting systems and enter data manuallyе

Users and prices

A flexible pricing system is organized inside the portal, depending on the product group, price "column," volume of purchases. The process is administered by the company manager based on data from the ERP.

Personal account

The mechanism of the order business process from invoicing the client to the provision of "closing" documents for the client's accounting is fully automated due to integration with the BASF accounting system.


The online store with BASF marketplace functionality has been successfully launched in Russia. Today more and more manufacturers are joining the project. Clients are actively using the functions of their personal account and also placing orders online.

Working on the creation of the BASF online store, our company was able to once again use its experience in B2B and enrich it with industry knowledge in the field of the chemical industry.

Customer's feedback

Zhukovskaya Victoria
BASF company representative
Our cooperation with FACT company began in 2017. We were not disappointed in our choice. A team worked on the site construction, was always in touch, helped with many questions from our side that were asked very frequently. Since the experience was new for us, we changed many decisions on the fly. We asked for consultation, asked for advice, opinions, and help. The agency was pleased with the incredible flexibility, patience, active attitude, and of course, the result that we have achieved together. We would like to express our gratitude for the excellent work!
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